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About PatientSERV

PatientSERV supports physicians, their staff and patients in a collaborative approach to healthcare.

Advances in healthcare technology are constantly providing new tools and resources enabling both physicians and patients to measure, monitor and provide feedback to facilitate health and wellness. The challenge is how to access those tools and resources when government-sponsored healthcare won’t cover the costs.

The PatientSERV Collaborative Health Network provides a framework for access to progressive healthcare through the creation of value, reasonable cost and payment assurance.

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Learn how PatientSERV can help create value-added offerings for your patients with access to leading-edge applications, products and services. Or.... Learn how the PatientSERV platform can simply help you provide seamless, hassle-free payment assurance and management for your Uninsured Services.

Product & Related Service Providers

If you are a provider of leading-edge healthcare products and services which you would like considered for the PatientSERV Collaborative Health Network....

Call PatientSERV at: 1-800-385-3210 or send an email to: